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Welcome and thank you for visiting our site today.  We have dedicated this site to bringing you the best deals on the hottest Christmas gifts for Men and Women.  We review some of the most popular Christmas gifts and show where to get the best deals possible.

“Discover The Hottest Selling Christmas Gifts for Women and Men and Where To Get Best Deals Possible!”

Lets start with some definitions. Firstly, Christmas Gifts. I am talking about Christmas because it is November but the truth is, the secrets to what women really want are as true for their birthday, anniversary or mothers day as they are at Christmas. So read on and learn valuable lessons to last a lifetime.

Secondly, women. By and large, any women from the age of around 14 to, well, um, I don’t know… lets say 114, is likely to respond to these ideas. So whether youre buying for you sister, mother, great aunt or girlfriend, this advice is worth a look.


OK. So your number one rule for buying cosmetics, toiletries or beauty products that cant fail is THINK PAMPER. Don’t panic. I’m about to explain. By PAMPER I mean indulge. Enjoy. Were talking luxury hotels, spas and expensive towels. What we are not talking about is bargains, cheap scents or cheesy comedy packaging. Bear this in mind at all times and you cant go wrong. Look for beautifully presented gift sets. Small bottles with stylish packaging are a good sign huge bottles in garish colours are, on the other hand, a very bad sign.

Toiletries are what your grandma had. Not what she wanted, mind you. She like every other woman wanted exclusive, luxurious beauty products. Now the difference might not be immediately obvious so here are some pointers.

1.Avoid own brands. They send all the wrong messages. Even if they weren’t a special offer they will look like it and nothing makes a woman feel less special than a special offer.

2.Sophisticated & stylish beats cute. Every time. A woman about to embark on some serious pampering is a very grown up thing. Sexy. Sensual. Not teddy bears or puppies. Really.

3.Look out for the key words. Those being anything from the following list: pamper, indulge, relax, spa, seductive, sensual, professional, exotic. The more of these you can spot on the packaging, the better your gift will be received. Honest.


Not sure why, we just do. Maybe its the completeness. The harmony. The well organised neatness of it. Or maybe its just because you get more. Whatever the reason, if you can find a gift set always go for that over a collection of bottles and tubes you’ve put together yourself. And, for bonus points, look out for sets that add something extra. Little bags, sponges, tins and pots. Girls love that stuff. Particularly if they reflect the style of the beauty products themselves.


OK. Heres a name to get you started. In fact, it may be all you ever need. The Sanctuary Spa, Covent Garden. Yes, its an actual spa in you’ve guessed it Covent Garden and their range of beauty products have been making women swoon for some time now. From simple weekend away spa sets (note sets) to bathroom filling indulgence gifts packed with every conceivable bodily treat, The Sanctuary have it all and have a reputation for luxury and elegance that wont fail to win a smile even from the hardest to buy for amongst your female friends.

Spa sounds unobtainable and expensive which is just what we want remember? Luxury and indulgence. Whats truly fantastic about the Sanctuary Spa range is that the products are neither overly expensive nor hard to get hold of. Available from a number of high street stores, these beauty products represent real value gift sets start from around 12-15 and are worth every penny because they will be appreciated.

Many online stores offer pampering sets at exclusive web prices particularly around Christmas, Valentines and Mothers day so it pays to use an online shopping site to compare all available products and prices.

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